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“I don’t think anyone thought it would reach that level,” says doorman Jake Kent, who helped promote the event. Big formula is practiced nightly in clubs, where bankers buy 0 bottles and encourage thirsty young girls to come to papa.

But seriously: "Women in fashion need men who can facilitate their pre-30 marriage/retirement plan, and men in finance need women who will allow them to leverage their career in their dating equity." Let's meet some of the potential attendees who have RSVP'd to tonight's event!

Anyway, I was able to make it home a bit early yesterday for Pocket Change New York, a speed dating event by Pocket Change for “Rich Guys & Hot Girls.” Shallow? But honestly, it’s not the easiest thing in the world meeting a girl when you’re working as hard as I do. Slightly late, but getting out “early” wasn’t apparently early enough to make up for my cab driver’s excessive sloth.

And frankly, it’s nearly impossible to meet someone new when the (stretched) radius of your circle of friends only extends out from “finance” to “consulting.” While consulting bitches do tend to be kind of freaky, I figured that it’d be nice to see what a fashion designer, PR chick, or a model would have to say about my new, elevated post within the business world. IIT really needs to open a school for cabbies, because these Sanjays we’re getting really aren’t up to snuff.

‘LADIES, you no longer need to worry that the cute guy at the bar works in advertising.” Yes, this was the tag line for the Fashion Meets Finance after-work mixer hosted by nightclub Taj last Thursday. But just in case you are confused, “Women in fashion need men who can facilitate their pre-30 marriage/retirement plan,” explains the invitation.

There’s nothing mysterious about the purpose of the bimonthly bashes; it’s all spelled out in the name.