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bound by the Santa Susana Mountains to the northwest, the Simi Hills to the west, the Santa Monica Mountains and Chalk Hills to the south, the Verdugo Mountains to the east, and the San Gabriel Mountains to the northeast.

The northern Sierra Pelona Mountains, northwestern Topatopa Mountains, southern Santa Ana Mountains, and Downtown Los Angeles skyscrapers can be seen from higher neighborhoods, passes, and parks in the San Fernando Valley.

Nearly two thirds of the valley's land area is part of the city of Los Angeles.

The other incorporated cities in the valley are Glendale, Burbank, San Fernando, Hidden Hills, and Calabasas.

The industry is dominated by small studios, each with several dozen employees, that crank out scores of movies and videos a year.

And in contrast to the multimillion-dollar budgets needed for Hollywood blockbusters, most of the X-rated movies cost just ,000 or less to make.

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Westminster computers were prevented from accessing sex sites 114,844 times last November alone and on 55,552 in April, while February saw just 15 and in June officials blocked 397 attempts.The revelations will be awkward for David Cameron who has demanded that internet service providers do more to stop children viewing inappropriate content online.A response to a Freedom of Information request uncovered the number of staff trying to access adult content online between May 2012 and July this year."Very few people make over 0,000 in this industry," said David James, one of three partners at Vivid Entertainment Group, the Valley's largest pornography studio, with about 0 million in sales in 2005.In fact, the average production worker in the porn industry makes about ,000 a year, state records show.