Steven ward rules of dating

But most of all they offer an unapologetic glance into the male mind.has an objective: dating guru Steve Ward, along with his mother Jo Anne, aims to reform a group of women representing a variety of dating dysfunctions in a “relationship boot camp.” The show, like other dating-themed reality programs, hinges on the idea that women are more often the ones who need to change parts of themselves to be worthy of love (although VH1 also airs , both about comically flawed men, so perhaps that evens things out).

Ward was made a scapegoat for the Profumo affair which became so toxic for the Macmillan government.

Steve has the balls to tell women not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear to find love.

The series revolves around a "Tough Love Bootcamp," where Steve works with a group of eight single, attractive women living together in a house for eight weeks to change their dating ways.

She has been 'dreading' having the operation for over a year.

But now Dawn Ward is on the road to recovery after leaving hospital following a hysterectomy.