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I have never been caught because 1) I don't violate myself like the rest of you goofballs and 2) All the people I skype with are guys and that would not go along with being a heterosexual. All these companies who design these webcams most certainly put in a device that allows them to see you. If I was manufacturing them I would because it's the right thing to do.

So essentially everytime you are being inappropriate over the interweb, someone besides you is enjoying the show.

Those in long distance relationships get to go home alone every night and crasturbate (cry and masturbate).

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Most weeks, I don’t even say goodbye.’‘I don’t know what his address is,’ says William. I get messages from her saying he’s too tired, busy or doesn’t want to go on Skype.

If you are new to long-distance sex toys and you want to try something sexy, try Vibease.

It’s priced well within most people’s budgets and it is overall really reliable and – the best part, obviously – it’s lots of fun.

Sexting (texting dirty photos and text) can be a good way to remind your partner of how hot your boobs are when you don’t have time for a full Skype session.

Everyone likes getting surprise dirty photos throughout their day.