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While the original series the movie is based on, , wasn’t behind Red’s paywall, it was funded by You Tube.

With nine total Red series already live, Susanne Daniels, the company’s global head of original content, previewed six new shows at Vid Con this evening.

You Tube has remained rather mum on the success of You Tube Red thus far.

But during her keynote address at Vid Con this evening, CEO Susan Wojcicki offered a glimpse into the success of the initiative.

To keep things as broad as possible, we left out apps that are based solely on religion (sup, JSwipe) or on sexual orientation (oh hey there, Grindr).

We also excluded companies like and e Harmony, because you're probably already familiar with them thanks to the gazillion commercials they have.

They stayed in and colored in mythical creatures such as a unicorn (hence their You Tube channel name, GMM/Good Mythical Morning) In their freshman year of high school at Harnett Central High School in Angier, North Carolina, both Rhett and Link signed a blood oath on a piece of paper which said, "We will do something together some day". Unfortunately, the wallet was lost, along with the original copy of the paper.

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At age fourteen, they wrote a screenplay entitled Gutless Wonders and began shooting a film based on it.

They shot only a couple of scenes, and the film was never finished.