Dom dating sim days of memorys

2.2 Routes ----------- Since the game requires you to follow some "route" to unlock the pics of a girl, I'll be listing here the series of decisions that you should take to get those for each girl.For instance, "12a" means that you should choose the first answer on May 12th, and "12b", the second answer.This game and the one after it, since they're supposed to take place at the same time, kind of mesh together, and characters, scenarios and pictures are shared between the two at certain times.Also, like the previous games, there's a prologue (skippable after the first playthrough), and an epilogue if you choose the girl you have been meeting, that determines the ending.There’s Six, a nonbinary kindhearted spirit medium; Orlok, a reserved amputee wildlife biologist; Hat Trick, a cheery neuroatypical baker; and Mesmer, a celebrity mentalist who is a trans man.

Summary: The games are dating sims starring SNK, ADK, and SNK Playmore characters that take place in a parallel world to their own.

Ms Owen said: 'It's almost as automatic as if you say, 'What's your name' or 'Where do you live?

'She also remembers where she was and what she was doing on any given date.

You're free to use this guide for personal use, and if you feel like reproducing it elsewhere, ask for permission first (it's common courtesy) or else I'll bring back the "Tetsuo" guy after you! Revision History ----------------- v1.45 - Completed DOM8, added the Special Scenario section v1.35 - Completed DOM7, added Kojiroh's ED for DOM8 and Travellers' routes v1.25 - Completed DOM9 - Added Hell's Gate ED, Mai's and Yuri's ED for DOM8 v1.05 - Added a couple of DOM7 pictures, added the proper names to the games v1.00 - Listed around 70% pictures and 60% endings, approximately - Started the FAQ ---------------- |1.

Introduction | ---------------- This game is a port of three date sim games for mobile phones that feature girls from the SNK games, and consist on stalking...