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Die sind allgemein zugängliche, offene und demokratische Diskursplattformen.Die Redaktion übernimmt keinerlei Verantwortung für den Inhalt der Beiträge."Reptilia" is a song by indie rock band The Strokes, and the second single from their second album Room on Fire.The single's B-side contains "Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men", where lead singer Julian Casablancas duets with Regina Spektor.

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And where 2009's Julian Plenti Is…Skyscraper was culled largely from songs pre-dating Interpol (as far back as the mid-'90s), Banks – with all new material written in the past few years (with the exception of "Summertime Is Coming") – is a vivid documentation of Banks in the here and now, and his most abjectly personal work to date.

Ten years later, I still listen to her songs and am amazed that they seem to be self-contained stories with their own characters—mixing allusions to literature and film with fantasy.

I grew up with her songs as my own pretentious soundtrack.

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, a song about first love and heartbreak that made no sense to our pre-pubescent wide-eyed selves.