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Storeowners responded by arming inebriated customers with bats and fireworks, and offering them financial compensation, to confront the activists.

Since April 30, 2013, activists have maintained a along the border to document illegal activities committed by Whiteclay liquor storeowners, such as selling to intoxicated patrons and solicitation.

LB 1145, introduced by Nebraska State Senator Amanda Mc Gill, was advanced in the legislature Wednesday.

The bill would increase penalties for pandering, currently a misdemeanor, making it a Class IV felony punishable with up to 5 years in prison and a ,000 fine. with an estimated 100,000 American children exploited each year.

Abram Neumann, 20, at right, talks to men sitting with Dreamer.

To watch associated videos: Vrl Pg RZDc Media Availability: For more info or to schedule interviews, contact Jorge Castillo, Advocacy Director, Alcohol Justice 213 840-3336.Booze has been banned on the reservation for more than a century, yet alcoholism there is rampant.About 60% of the residents are alcoholics, and 1 in 4 babies is born with fetal alcohol syndrome.Pandering of minors would become a Class III felony punishable with up to 20 years in prison and a ,000 fine. Several Nebraska State Senators agree it is a problem that desperately needs to be addressed in Nebraska.In Whiteclay, NE, a town 250 feet from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, there have been reports of human trafficking; this bill, which would also provide training to law enforcement and would create a human trafficking task force, could address some of the sex trafficking issues facing the Pine Ridge area. Read More “Santee Breaks Ground on New Facility, New Hope”-Click here to read more.