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An Arab girl might be dragged along by her mother, but in Mamilla Mall, most girls can be found happily shopping, both day and night with no sign of BDS, Boycott, Divest or Sanctions.

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“Since then I had some leftover passport photos and I brought them today.

I am really not naked in that photo.” The clerk informed her that despite her claim, the picture was unacceptable and that if she wanted her passport before her upcoming trip abroad, she’d have to return the same day with new photos.

They put the number of Palestinian deaths in 18 days of conflict at 844, most of them civilians.

As Mor Ostrovski’s now infamous Instagram image of a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle generated disgust around the world, the Israeli army claimed that the photograph was “a severe incident which doesn’t accord with the IDF’s spirit and values.” It is understandable that an occupation army that markets itself as the “most moral army in the world” would attempt such damage control.

Maman also expresses deeply racist and even genocidal views towards Palestinians and Arabs.

Yael Ilani paid the fee over the Internet and arrived Sunday to drop off the forms.

She was informed a few hours later that her passport request had been turned down.

Interior Ministry passport regulations require “two new up-to-date, frontal, identical color photos on a light, solid background.” “Pictures in uniform or pictures printed on a home computer, or pictures of poor quality won’t be accepted,” the regulations read.

“The quality of the photos submitted are the responsibility of the submitter.” “She said that the picture was dishonorable to me and doesn’t respect me,” the woman said, calling the ministry employees’ tone “patronizing and pedagogic.” In the end, she had to take new pictures.