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Over half of those surveyed tailgate another driver intentionally, either out of anger or frustration.Obviously, this increases the risk of rear-end collisions and spinal injuries that are common results of this type of accident.

This benefit applies only when she is wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor, and not carrying a heavy load.

Nearly 40 per cent of the Irish drivers who took part in a Continental Tyres survey of 300 people said that they shout or get angry behind the wheel on a weekly basis.

Meanwhile, 13 per cent of them have gotten out of their car in order to confront another driver.

The question assumed, of course, that the position of the faithful and the position of the official teaching magisterium might differ on the issues in question.

It was, I thought, a realistic question in a period of so much cultural and social transformation and might profit by being considered from the perspective of the research on social change. You can decide for yourself how dangerously destructive of the church it is.