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Plus, I figured that, if nothing else, I'd have something to blog about. But seriously, go to any watering hole that's close to a firehouse and ask if it's a firemen hang-out. But sometimes it does, and sometimes your best friends die. We like to go out a lot, have fun, go to bars, be with our buddies. As it turned out, he was handsome, hilarious and he talked non-stop (which I like, because it means I don't have to reveal that I don't have much on the brain, except, in this case ... Now, we didn't exactly fall in love--in part because it was clear to me he was only in it for fun, and I'm not sure I could be serious about someone his age. Some of us get part-time jobs as bartenders or bouncers, so we often hang out at the place where one of us is working. For both locals and tourists who want to go fireman-watching? And we're not supposed to talk about that stuff--because we're supposed to be macho--but it can be really therapeutic if there's someone we can talk to about everything. Any fireman will always be half-married to his job and to the other firemen he knows. There's a saying that firemen make great fathers, but bad husbands.

The dude probably said YES to be amiable while thinking I was a nut-job.

It was totally awesome, the kind of conversation where you rush from one topic to the next and can't believe how you just keep ending up on the same page. Switch from one room to the other, and back again.6.

When we were ready to leave, I offered him a ride home. " Duly impressed, I forced him to play a quick round of Name-That-Band, and he was AMAZING: he went three-for-three, getting each new CD I put in -- Big Star, Liz Phair and The Cure -- in under 5 seconds, flat, for each one. Anyway, suddenly this stranger is my new favorite person in the whole world! Because maybe you'll get lucky and meet an invaluable comrade, like I did with Zac. Remember that you'll probably never see any of these people again. I will repeat what seems to be my mantra: Put yourself out there!

(I drove my car over, because I was feeling too sick to bike.) He took me up on the offer ... We even went to the unbelievably rockin' concert that Edward Sharpe The Magentic Zeros played at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday night, which was super-fun--and I was pretty amazed that he knew more about my new favorite band than I did. you see what good can come of taking a little risk and forcing yourself to do one more lap at a party? MY TIPS ON FLIRTING AT A PARTY WHERE YOU DON'T KNOW ANYONE 1. One of the best things that has come out of this year of living more flirtatiously has been all the new friends I've made--in particular, my talking head buddy Mona, and, more recently, the woman described here. (Plus, sometimes they have cute straight friends.)3. If you have any excuse at all to introduce yourself or say hello to someone--maybe because you recognize them from the local news show, or you've seen them around town--make the most of it.4. Tell people you are on a flirtation mission and ask if they will help you achieve your goal of meeting someone new.5. Sometimes it takes a while for a party to warm up -- and for you to warm up to a party.

and the SECOND I turned the car on, he recognized the CD that was mid-song on the stereo.